Questions about cut quality

This is my first inset text cut and obviously I used the wrong bit. I didn’t have an 1/8” down cut, just straight and up, so I went with the straight cut. Is this what was to be expected with a straight cut but with ash? And am I correct that a down spiral would have been cleaner? The shapes are great. All the junk in the pics are fuzzies from the wood.

I used the easel defaults for hard maple (40 ipm feed, 12 ipm plunge) and I did .06 per pass instead of .05.

If I forgot to add any info, let me know. And thanks in advance…

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Downcut would have been much cleaner. You also have an issue with the ridges it carved out around the letters. Not terrible

@PhilJohnson ash is hardwood. ;). I get this kind of leftover fuzzies all the time. Just keep a sanding sponge around and sand it off, it usually cleans up nicely.

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looks like you’ve either got some issues with your Z axis not being perpendicular to the wasteboard, or your Z is loose in some way causing inconsistencies when it lifts and plunges.

I’m going to flip it over and cut it again tonight with a different bit and see what happens. At least I’ll be to tell if it was a bit issue since it’s the same piece of wood. If I have more of the same issues, I’ll look deeper.

So the new bit (Whiteside RD1600) made significantly better edges but the ridging issue is still quite prominent.

That’s because the Z axis isn’t completely perpendicular, correct? I used a square on it, so that means I need to level the wasteboard? Should I try to level a piece of wood with with the 1.25” bit first and see if the ridging is there first? And if it they are, I need to adjust the Z?

Sorry for all the questions in a short burst, and thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Also, this video is at 40ipm and .06 depth. Is that noise ok?

So I tried on a similar piece of wood after using the speeds and feeds sheet. Tried at 60ipm and 80ipm as well ( was the top end of recommended) Still made a similar noise but seemed to cut really well and make some good sized chips as opposed to the near sawdust it was making before. I’ll definitely use the sheet before trusting the easel defaults.

Also, any ideas on the ridging around the letters? Is that from the Z-axis not being perpendicular to the wasteboard?