Questions after recent waste board upgrade regarding setting Z zero

I recently upgraded my waste board to a T-slot design and i’m not sure how to set Z zero to keep from cutting into the waste board. I have Charlie Thomas’s Triquetra for setting all the zeros at once. I see he has a Z only g-code.setting but i’m not sure just how to do it. Do I run the normal g-code setting the X,Y and Z based on the bit size, then run the Z only g-code to reset the true Z zero? Then return to X zero, Y zero and Z zero to get ready to start my cut?

My torsion box… my wasteboard… my t-slot boards… my save boards… my “saving-the-save-boards boards”… All of these boards are going to leave me with about 1/4" of Z movement. :smile:

I’m sure at some point I’ll have to replace the cut up portions of the waste board, that is what the waste board is for. I just don’t want to cut into it and destroy it and possibly a bit and the project I’m working on.

Dont forget to save the whales!

Seriously the sacrificial waste board only needs to be !/4" thick at the most and then you only need it for thosee cuts that are to go completely through your work piece.