Questions for Suggestions

Hi, I have a few questions, I have been using easel for a while now and it has really come along. That being said it has a way to go. So…

  1. Why, when you put in the material size don’t you just see the size of the material. I get the dashed line…but i really dont want to see 31 inches of board when I’m cutting something 5 x 6…I should just see that…and it would be less to scroll around.

  2. Why is the SIMULATE VIEW - not sure what you call the other pane that shows the material - pinned in the center of the 31 inch axis…it should zoom with the other view …and be movable and panable.

also - When i zoom to work on an area in the DRAWING VIEW I should be seeing the same level of zoom in real time in the SIMULATE View

  1. Carving - Why wont it carve something smaller than the bit i choose…it should give the same warning and let me decide how i want to proceed… like a dialog box that appears with the highlighted area of concern giving me a choice to not cut it, or cut it with the chosen bit anyway. This comes up with fonts a lot and most of the time it really dosn’t matter if its cut with a 1/16 or a 1/8 inch bit.

  2. Rotation should snap to the 90’s

i have more but i really have to get out and carve some stuff…lol

Joe - JOKER Precision Comapny

Set the work area in “machine”

Wow, that worked great! Thanks…

…i like it…but once you set the size on the main screen you shouldn’t have to do that

Yeah, it looks like weird now looking it from another angle… you can’t even’t move the work piece so in fact seems like the work area should be the work piece. Maybe it is just for the representation in the 3d view.

I agree with the snap thing too. Rotation should snap to something, maybe holding ALT or CTRL because there is a field to enter the precise rotation if you didn’t wanted snapping. But now works in reverse. Shapes should snap to the grid too, but that’s another story.