Questions of format larger than 1000 x 1000

Has anyone out there had experiences with creating a larger format from the 1000 x 1000 and would you have any visuals l
ike photos or posted videos to look at for idea generation?

I believe that @DavidSohlstrom is currently building a larger version:


Yes my machine will be 1000X1800mm and my Z height will be at least 50mm taller than a stock machine.
I got the 1800mm Maker Slide and 20X40X1800 extrusions for under the table from Inventables. Used my power miter box to cut the 20X40 to the correct length.

The DXF files for the tall wide end plates for the Y axis are posted on the forum some place.

Mods that will happen are adding the metal plate between the MS on the X axis and adding mid span supports on the Y axis

Ariel, WA

mine is 1500mmx1800mm