Quick questions

Quick question concerning the X carve assembly. I am currently midway’s through my assembly. Taking everything very slow, making sure everything is done right. My only question is, I saw some posts concerning squaring the waste board. I thought mine was pretty square. But after reading the different posts concerning trouble if not 100% square, I began to second-guess myself. I came upon @PhilJohnson post concerning squaring the waste board/framing. So I think I’m going to re-visit the waste board installation.

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The new Xcarve 2.0 has pressed on pulleys for every pulley except the ACME rod. So they fixed it for 4 out of the 5 pulleys on the machine. Now they just need to do a linear Z axis and remove the Z axis pulleys all together :slight_smile:

I also have questions concerning the pulleys, since I have the “new” X carve, should I be concerned about the pulleys slipping? What about Loctite? What should I be putting Loctite on? Everything I’ve assembled so far has had lock nuts. Am I missing something that I should be putting Loctite on? Perhaps the waste board frame?

After reading through the forum posts concerning assembling the x carve, I find myself going back and revisiting previously assembled steps. Like my plans for tonight, I am going to go back and re-mount my motors. I read a post that someone suggested to make sure to secure motors evenly, to make sure they go on the bracket squarely. I am going to go as far as counting the number of turns per bolt.

Is there anything else that you would suggest that I pay extra close attention to? I guess I’m just being nervous and extra careful.

Thanks @RobertCanning, I wasnt sure if this was one of the “fixes” from the original xc.