Quick tip: notepad++

I’ve been using this program for years… I’m sure to most here, it’s old news, but I’m sure some may have never heard of it.

If you haven’t , get Notepad++. It’s a great text editor and it supports many different coding languages.

you can download and import the gcode syntax also.


One thing I like about it, is I can do some quick notes on a tab and close the program without saving. When I open it back up, the notes are still there.

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Found this one today though.

looks promising

Also, Edit+. I’ve been using it for decades. :wink:


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If you want street cred, and like to learn arcane key bindings, you should use (g)VI(m). I’ve been using it for decades!

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More often than not I use the VisVim module so I can have my vi keybindings in Visual Studio (primarily targeting Android drivers, no less!). In which case, I think my street cred just evaporated.