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Made this as a quick gift! I am curious to see how it builds some character with some use! Wish i’d taken a better picture before I gave it away, but I will be making a couple more soon.

Approx 8"x10"x3/4" Pine
Designed/Programmed in Fusion 360

Pockets and Contour took a bit under an hour, used a flush trim bit in my router because I didn’t quite cut deep enough (whoops) and to clean up the tabs. Then switched to a 3/8" roundover for the top and bottom outside contours, sanded and applied a few coats of mineral oil.

Turned out pretty decent and my sister was super excited about it!


it’s simple and nice. My wife will love it. does it have feet.

I didn’t use any, but considered putting something like these on the bottom.

For the next couple I have already modified my design with a fillet on the corners (originally I just quickly hit it on the belt sander)

Thanks Bob!

On the quick easy making of them, that’s exactly what I was shooting for.

As of late, I seem to end up finishing family members home or automotive projects as ‘gifts’ for them but still love to have a nice useful gift to give as well!

I considered that, but at the moment I have no homing switches, or bump stop, so stuck with a single setup.

At work I’m used to having a probing system that is accurate within .0001" or so, which spoils me a bit. :smiley:

what are those used for?

They are placed under a hot serving dish to protect the table or whatnot. Like a fancy hot pad.

oh okay I see thanks

To many results to look at don’t have time :wink: