Quiet cut for the X-Carve

How come the Quiet Cut spindle isn’t offered in the options when ordering the X-Carve? Is it not compatible? If it is, do I just say none in the spindle selection area and order the Quiet cut spindle separately?

I recall reading somewhere that in order to work with the included power supply, Inventables had moved to a 24v spindle instead of the quiet cut spindles running at max 48v DC. If you intend to use a quiet cut 12-48v DC spindle with the x-carve package you will likely need to also buy a separate power supply capable of the full 48v DC needed to get max RPM.

@JarretLuft that is correct. @SteveSchiro since the original Quiet Cut spindle is 48V you would need one power supply to run it and a second one to run the stepper motors. We decided this was a bit wasteful and moved it to a new generation that runs at 24V so both the spindle and the steppers can be plugged into the same power supply. This new power supply is 24V, 16.7A, 400W so it has enough juice to run both. We also added the power supply interface PCB and end cap. This makes it safer and easier to plug the wires into the single power supply.

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How come the Quiet Cut spindle isn’t offered in the options when ordering the X-Carve?[/quote]

The spindle carriage is designed to perfectly fit the 300W and 400W 48VDC Quiet Cut Spindles. See the photo below. It is not offered as a configurator option because you would need a 48VDC power supply for it. That would complicate and confuse the ordering process.

The power supply end cap assembly will work with 48VDC as a clean way to add a speed controller. Once we have all those parts and the instructions setup for that, we will offer it in the store.


What can the quiet cut 24volt spindle cut? I need to know if the xcarve can cut up to 1/4" or so aluminum 6061, or if upgrading to a new power supply and 48volt spindle is required for this type of material.


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It worked great for 3 days cutting wood, then as I was clearing the surface of a beautiful maple board I heard a much louder cutting noise so I stopped the machine and the bit had gouged into the board.
I found that the spindle had 2-3mm of end play.
I was pushing the spindle, but not enough to slow the rpm,

1/4 carbide up cut end mill 2mm deep 2mm step over 2800mm per minute, full rpm.
I took the spindle apart and found that a c clip had popped out replaced c clip and put it back together ( brushes are not easy). Will use a more conservative feed rate.

are you refering to the 24v spindle that comes standard with the x-carve or a quiet cut upgrade?

Quiet cut upgrade. I think this thread is called quiet cut for X-carve.

No need to get snippity, (that’s how you seem to be coming across, apologies if it’s not what you intended) but with so many different terms floating around and a lot of folks not always getting the nomenclature correct (including myself at times), I felt it was better to ask than assume.

I am considering a 48v Qcut spindle for my machine if the stock 24v craps the bed.
i may be interested in the 24v if it seems to be sufficient.

Any issues once you got it back together? Are you able to spin it on the single power supply?

Does the c clip issue seem like a design flaw of just a fluke?

Question about pwm control of 48V spindle
I’m upgrading my Shapoko 2 to X carve and I already own the 48V power supply, Quiet cut spindle and speed controller. I have a separate 24V supply for the arduino/grblShield/steppers. Currently I’m running the speed control manually with the pot that comes with the controller and that works fine. However, what do I need to allow it to use the PWM speed control from the grblShield instead? I see instructions for connecting the spindle on/off through a relay but would like to use the PWM. I also found instructions for connecting a tinyG for pwm but would like to stick with arduino for now, if possible. (I do have tinyG tho, just not using it yet.) The spindle controller has a PWM input, so I hooked it up as per the X carve instructions (ie. outputs from the shield to PWM on the controller) and ran the test in easel but nothing happens. The PDF for the controller has no info on what it requires for pwm. Is there a voltage level/ freq/isolation issue? Do I change the jumper? (It’s function appears undocumented) Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Hey Bart,

Any update on the spindle carriage, power supply end cap, interface board or spindle carriage end cap being available for individual purchase?

More specifically, will any of them be ready to purchase by Sept 15th or so?


I have the same question.

Russ from Coral Springs, FL USA

Me too! I would like to get the spindle carriage instead of trying to source it somewhere with the drawings.

I apologize for the long delay but wanted to notify everyone on this thread that the PCB interface and protective end cap are now available individually:


The spindle carriage has been available for sometime (unfortunately no end cap at this time):

Again, I am sorry how long it took to get to a point where we could offer many of the X-Carve parts as individual components.

Thanks for your understanding and support.