Quiet Cut Spindle, Speed Controller and PWM

When upgrading from the standard spindle to the Quiet Cut Spindle, there is a need to make a number of changes (additional 48V power supply, Spindle Speed Controller).

The instructions with these parts don’t make it clear that PWM speed control is still possible.

To enable PWM control, connect the PWM pins on the shield, the same as if you were using the standard spindle.

Standard PWM connection

Connect the other end of the cables to the Spindle Speed Controller.
Change the jumper position to J21 (CP) and remove the manual speed control knob.

Spindle Speed Controller set for PWM

Within Easel, you can now set the spindle control to be Automatic with a maximum RPM of 10,000.

Note: I am not sure if the RPM measurement is accurate in terms of what the spindle actually delivers. Values of 500 - 10,000 appear to work fine.

I wasn’t sure where to post this, if its already been posted somewhere or there is a better location for it, feel free to move/delete etc. Hopefully it will help others in a similar situation.

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Im not sure if this post exists but it is implied on the product page.