Quiet cut spindle

i hava a xcarve with a 300 w Quiet cut spindle, i had the machine for about one year and mostly run it with end mill 1/8 with nearly full speed of the quiet cut spindle.
Last week i order some vcarve bits from inventables, i will use vcarve pro for the operation of them.(i will mostly run hardwood )
In vcarve pro, the speed settings for vbits are set too 16000 rpm, and in the technical documentation for quiet cut spindle is set too 3000-12000 rpm,
is that ok too run the vbits with a good result at a slower feedrate than 16000 or should i use Another router for theese operation ?(i like the quiet cut spindle i have right now , so i do not want too change that router.)

It works with 12000 RPM. Just try small project, if you see blade marks on the edge slow down your feedrate. It takes a little practice to have good surface with V bit. Quality of the bit also big affect. I use Amana tools replacable blade V bit 45-60 and 90.

Ok , Thankyou Alan
I am going too try too make the paradise Box on the vectric homepage,
But it seems the feedrate is set very high in vcarve against easel and even the router speed, should i try too use same settings for vcarve as in easel ?

In easel there is set about 1 mm each pass , and in vcarve is set too about 6 mm each pass.

1 mm is too low, 6 is a little high. Make it between, it takes little longer but you can have good result. Adjust 3mm per pass.