Quiet spindle

Hey guys / gals,
So I am looking into upgrading my Shapeoko 2 and I see that many people have the quiet spindle form Invetables. What ya’ll think of it? Specs wise it looks a little under powered (600w) but that is why I am asking … I’ll do plastics, wood and aluminum… anyone want to chime in?


I bought the 300W quiet spindle with my S2 system. It’s definitely quiet and has proven powerful enough for what I’ve done so far in wood, pvc and hdpe. When it’s cutting, the only thing you hear is the bit.

very cool, I will still want aluminum though… I live in Saudi, so I’ll ship it to home in the USA and pick one up when I get back on vacation. I think the Bosch Colt is ~550 Watts, so the 600 watt spindle may work out fine.


Bosch Colt is more like 750 watts and the dewalt dw660 is 660 watts. If you are putting this in an apartment setting and need the quietness, the quiet spindle is a good choice. If sound is not an issue…i would go with the bosh colt or dewalt dw660 or 611… and you can always build an enclosure to reduce the noise

Just watched a you tube video that shows a person adding water cooling to his spindle as it overheated after just a few minutes use. Has anyone had a problem with the 300W spindle that Inventables sells with the X-CARVE unit having an overheating problem?