Quote for tap handle metal/aluminum 'top' carving wanted

Hi all,
I am an X-Carve owner but do not do 3D.
This is a quote request for the mustache 'top and rod’ only.
I have a client who wants a mustache carved out of some type of metal (that won’t rust and that could be sealed - it is for a tap handle and is around food, etc). Attached is the rough artwork and is just the base of the idea. It does not have to look exactly like these, but should be rather close.
Looking for either a 2D, or 3D ‘mustache’ (see PDFs) welded to a .25" diameter rod to put in to the top of the tap handle. So far looking for a price on either 6 or 25 (client is still unsure). I will pay for time, material and shipping. Appreciate any help or ideas to bring this idea to fruition. Any questions, please reach out.
Mustache_Art.pdf (46.9 KB)
TapHandle.pdf (1.6 MB)

Will this be single-sided or double-sided if Option 1 is used?


Brandon Parker

Hey Brandon… This would only be one-sided. The back side will be up against a wall :slight_smile:

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