Rabbet underside a lid

I am trying to make a box with a lid. The lid just fits on the lid. Traditionally, I would make the lid outside size of the box and then do a rabbit same as thickness of the box. How can I do this in Easel?


Nevermind. Figured it out. You do inside shape and set fill to 0 and set it to front… then you use offset app to make offset copy thickness of your box You fill is down to the depth of your rabbet you want. Then you copy the outside shape and paste in same place (have to select copy and original and do center alignments). Set the last copy to outside cut. Here is a link to the quick shape I did. Note you end up with three pieces.

Did one similar to my daughter for Christmas. Ball nose bit for the bottom, gave the floor a nice texture appearance :slight_smile:
Rest was done with regular flat end mill.

Thanks. So you did a ledge in the box. cool idea

Thanks. In your or my procedure is Easel smart enough to do the rabbit before outside cut?