Radial array app problem

I am hoping somebody can shed some light on this problem I am having. I have sent a email to inventibles but someone here might know whats going on. I used the radial array app to draw a circle of 39 3 mm holes on 3-1/2 diameter. I can do the show toolpaths and everything looks ok but when I go to carve the generate toolpaths progress bar runs but the router never moves and the chrome seems to crash. I have tried 5 or 6 times and get the same result. Any ideas what the problem may be?

Hey @DougArthurs, sorry to hear about the trouble. I’ve tried replicating your set of circumstances but haven’t seen this bug. I also noticed the radial array app only allows 30 new objects, did you simply type in “39”?

Can you provide a bit more context of your situation? What operating system, browser, and machine are you using? What version of the local sender do you have? If you are feeling more adventurous, do you get any error in the javascript console when going through the walkthrough (View -> Developer -> Javascript Console, in Chrome)?

Yes I created 1 3 mm hole .250 deep then went into the radial array and entered 39 on a 1-3/4" radius.

I am running windows 7 and chrome. When I try and carve the generate toolpath progress bar comes up but when it completes chrome seems to crash and says aw sanp on the screen. I may try and carve a portion of the holes and do it 4 times.

this should be a link to the project.

I ended up dividing my array into four arcs and carved each as a separate project. Worked fine.

@DougArthurs Sorry for the late reply. I suspect this has to do with the size of the gcode file that gets generated. With your cut settings, it would take ~84 passes per hole, with 39 holes that ~3276 total passes. The gcode that was generated ended up being ~66MB – about 2.5million lines, which is absolutely massive.

It looks like you already did what I was going to suggest, chopping up the project into smaller chunks.