Radio pod for kawasaki teryx (update 6) Finished

I had a resent request to make a custom radio pod for a kawasaki utv so after being asked everyday for a month I have finally given in to the request. The vids and pics are of different stages as I complete them so as I move along there will be updates.

First section glue up still have end plates and speaker pods to do

Finally back on the project getting more rings cut and hope to have the glue up finished tonight. This pod will be glass reinforced inside and out inturn sealing it off from the outside world.

Just more cutting and gluing

Finally back at it glue up is complete. Started the smoothing process (Body filler). And the inside has the first layer if fiberglass reinforcement.

Bit of a jump and missing some pics but we are finally down to the paint
primer / texture coat / black base / camo base coat so far
the humidity is really dragging this out on my dry times.

Finally installed working on video edit now

Finally got this finished


Thanks Phil. This has been a adventure. As a note to self next time i ever do this I will be using .75 or inch to knock down some assembly time. Soooo many layers so little time lol. After cutting all these layers I had completely forgot about the nesting feature in artcam.

yeah it’s what I had on hand. I think it is around 40 layers.

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Hope the paint gets set up to do the install tomorrow

Looks great!! Awesome project!

Thanks just got finished with the install witch did not go too bad but was a real pain running the wiring between the floor pan and skid plate. I will have more pic later.

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Finally finished. Now to get the last vid made

Hooray for me. Would have showed it working but youtube and the music copyright thing. Guess I could have used some royalty free tunes. Oh well. On to the next project.