Radius at workpiece corners

Hi, very new to this but enjoying Easel. I have studied fillet on rectangle and combining components to make a radius corner but am struggling as I want to just cut radius to the four corners of a rectangle. I could do a rectangle with radius corners but that takes a long time processing edges I don’t need to cut. If creating a little radius cut tool then I am too close to workpiece outer edge for it to cut properly with 1/8 end mill. I think some form of offset or fooling it into thinking it is cuttiing workpiece when it is not needed. Could anyone point me at some learning. Basically the easiest and quickest way to cut 10 mm rad on each corner of a workpiece already the correct length and width. Thank you

Hello Mark and welcome to the forum,
You could make a box the required size and set the radius to 10mm, then create rectangles to cover the middle of the box that you made so it will only cut the radius.
See file attached
Good Luck

Thanks Russell I will try that. I guess my 0, 0 for my work piece would have to change on the cnc by the difference of the overhang. I will have a go with this approach. My tool was stopping short as it didn’t believe there was material to cut into around the boundary when in fact I wanted it to sweep beyond the 0,0 in Easel.
Thanks Mark

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