Rail road coat hanger

Just wanted to share a coat hanger my wife and I made on the xcarve, everything is done except I didn’t put the railroad spikes on it yet


That looks awesome. What bit did you use for the fine detail?

Awesome job. Nice detai.

I like the timber used. The light colour really makes the logos pop…what did you use?

White oak

We use a 60° v-bit for the small logos and a 1/16 bit for the NS horse



7 1/4" wide x 32" long

We used Vcarve desktop for the design and toolpaths, does anyone know if Vcarve pro has a 25"x25" limit, we had to tile this and I’d like to get away from that.

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V-Carve pro has no size limit.

No size limit on the pro

Thanks, looks like I’ll be upgrading when we get the money

It’s roughly $350 for the upgrade and you also get some additional features as well

Thanks, what other features are there

There is a section of gadgets. Don’t know all but there is a box joint app among others. I don’t have it yet. Still have the desktop version

That looks amazing!

I bet that took quite some time to carve and finish!

I’d love to know how you painted the detail it looks perfect.

My wife did the painting and it took for 3 days


So painfully meticulous hand painting and not the magical shortcut I was hoping for. :slight_smile: