Raise The Bit Problem

I have an X Carve 1000mm, when i manually or home use new point and press raise the bit it raises all the way to the top, trying to raise higher than the limit switch even, when I press spindle is on and it starts to carve it is still about 6 inches away from the work surface. Its almost like it forgot it raised that high. I don’t know where to start with this issue.

Welcome to the Forum Brian5,
Are you using the Z probe?
The Z axis should only move the distance that you have set.
They’re 4 settings in Easel to move either X, Y or Z axis.
Remember the switches on the XCarve are only used for homing, if the router goes up to high the switch will not stop it.

I’m not using the Z probe. I know that it Should but ‘should’ is the optimal word. I know the switches only work in homing. I only mentioned the switch to note that the spindle doesn’t stop when it hits the switch, it tries to go higher. When it is lowered it comes down the set amount which means it is 5 or so inches above the cutting surface, and it cuts like it was on the surface.

Have you checked your saftey height to see what it is set at. Machine>advanced Satftey height should be .15 The heigher the number the higher it will go up but 5" is alot.Another possiblity is you have entered the wrong lead screw when you set up the machine. Not sure about that.

Did you ever figure this out? I’m having the same problem…

Here’s a simple thing to try: with the z axis not at the top, grab something like a stick - you’re going to manually press the switch on the top of the z axis (and you don’t want your fingers anywhere near it while the machine is moving). Now start homing. See how it’s going to depress the z axis homing switch eventually? Great, press that switch right now with the stick. If the machine doesn’t stop going up, turn the power off. Your switch isn’t connected correctly and you have to fix that before doing anything else.

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Ah, thank you! Just tried that and the z homing switch is not responding to the stick.

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