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Hi all, I have an X-Carve at school. All was working fine with one student. New student logs in and starts but when it came to “raise the bit” it did but significantly higher than previously. As a result, when it started cutting the bit was clear of the material.
We set the Z-axis manually and I redid this a few times. Restated the laptop, logged out and in but the same problem exists.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Ta Darren

It would seem that the new user did a “new machine setup” and selected the wrong version of xcarve from the options and this will change the calibration values that are saved onto the cnc.

The quick fix is to redo the new machine setup and pick right machine type/upgrades.

However if you want to verify the issue b4 fixing here is the default grbl settings for the 6mm belt version and the old vwheel style z axis, with links to the values for the new version with the linear rail z axis and the imm belts.

Hi Seth
Thanks for your reply.
had a go at what you suggested. Still having issues. When I click raise the bit it is doing that n the Z axis but not stopping until it hits the micro switch at the very top.
Any other advice would be appreceiated.

The “raise the bit” amount is determined by the safety height, or origin safety height of the easel project, so you can try a different project or go to Machine>General settings and see what those are set to… defaults are 1/4"

If that doesnt identify the issue heres some other checks:

When you jog manually does the z move the correct amount as whats commanded?

The calibration I mentioned above are the defaults, but if the dip switches are set wrong inside the xcontroller this can cause even the default settings to move at different increments
or the wrong value is entered for $102.

So.if you could verify whether manual jog amounts of the z arr accurate or not that might tell where the issue lies.

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