Raised Panel Doors

Hello everyone, I’m sure there are many posts about creating raised panel doors on the X-Carve Pro 4’x4’ machine. I have a general question. I have not purchased the machine yet but will be doing so in a few weeks. I noticed that the machines capabilities for shank diameter is 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8", if you get the collet for the 3/8". Now most of the routers that I have been looking at, from Amana Tool, are 1/2" shank sizes for the raised panel bits. how have you been creating raised panels doors? Is there an raised panel bit that will work on the X-Carve? If I were to buy the adapter for the 1/2" will the 2HP router and Z-Axis be able to handle it.

Personaly I would use a moulding toolpath for the raised panels vs a raised panel bit.


Thank you, but wouldn’t take longer to create than if you use a bit specialized for that? Thoughts

Panel raising bits have a guide bearing and are not intended for use in a CNC, they also require about 3 hp.

Thank you for the reply. I found the following bit with interchangeable “Knives” to make different cuts. Please excuse all the questions I am new at this and would love to learn more.

Was there supposed to be a link attached?

yes, my mistake. https://www.amanatool.com/rc-2490-cnc-insert-nova-system-cove-bead-plunge-form-for-mdf-wood-cabinet-doors-3-4-dia-x-7-16-x-1-2-inch-shank.html

I consider that a bit for faux raised panel doors.
Here is a sample of the bits for true raised panel doors.