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Hi All
I have had my CNC a few months now and have noticed some carvings which leave the text in place and carve out the background. Is this an easy program or is there something in the Edit file I am not using?? also I get “free days” on easel Pro but other than a few extra text styles(no extra icons) and viewing members projects I cant see any other benefits. Help Please!!

What you mention is easily done in Easel, simply add a square “background” set to Fill and whatever depth you want, then set text to less or no depth.

About Easel Pro, what you mention is basically it.

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Thanks Haldor
I will give that a try. regarding Easel Pro is that it for monthly subscription also??

Hi Harvey,

Easel Pro has several features:

  • V-Carving
  • Font library with 300 Fonts
  • Save custom cut settings for material & bit combinations
  • Raster tool paths
  • Machine parking
  • Text Effects

This should help you figure out how to make one. Let me know if you need further assistance

Last I saw you could pay by month or year. If thats what you meant

Hi again

I am in Easel Pro and try to create a design with an an Arch in it. My shapes on offer do not include an arc shape, how can I do this??

Hello Haldor
You have helped me before so sorry to trouble you again. I am trying to include and “arch” in my design and don’t have a shape tool to do that either in Easel or Easel Pro Is there an easy way to do this???

Thanks again

Harvey if you’re still having trouble could you share the file and I will take a look at it? or email it to me crawfordsigns@yahoo.com

Hi Harvey.
I missed your post so havent seen it untill now.

Regarding Easel and custom shapes, the “biggest” understanding on how Easel work is to think “building blocks” and “add & subtract” aka Combine.

To make an arc you need an ellipse and something to remove part of it.
So make the full ellipse, then place a square/rectangle over it, set to zero depth, and subtract. You now have a half arc. Copy and paste, and reverse the 2nd half.
Align and join them :slight_smile: