Raising the bit

Ahoy everyone!

I have a situation that I can’t seem to remedy by perusing through the forums.

Before I start a project, the screen comes up that lets you bring the spindle to the lower left piece of the board. Then once it’s in the spot, you confirm and click “Raise the Bit”. When I do though - and only on the first run of the day - it doesn’t STOP going up. It already obliterated one microsensor and nearly did another one last night.

-Yes, I zeroed it in (the Z-Axis sensor did click and trigger)

Any suggestions on this nuance?


What is the Safety Height set to?

Machine>Advanced>Safety Height

The default is normally 0.15", and this Safety Height is the value that Easel uses for the “Raise the Bit” routine. It would not hurt changing the value to something else if it is at 0.15" and then changing it back just to make sure GRBL has the correct value stored.


Brandon Parker

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