Raising the x-carve

Has anyone raised the gantry 2" or so. I have a 4 ft long sign I want to carve and if I do this I can sequence long jobs as i can get 1.5" of lumber under the “Y” mechanism. Does anyone think this would be a problem other than bracing issues?

Thought of that but Im on a table attached to the wall that hinges up. Just wondered if anyone ha done this. Cheers

I though of it too !

Building my 2nd X-carve - what I intend to do is make the 4 legs (part # 14050) longer (actually higher) by 50 mm or so - so it will be easy to lift the whole gantry up without changing everything.

My two bits


Thats great folks thanks. Off I go. I thought of adding some stiffening inside the rails like others have done.

Here are my new endplates with extra extrusions added for stiffening.

look under my name. I have done it three times. I now have it so I can slide a 2x4 under it. I can now raise mine up to 480mm or 18 inches. You can use a dremel to take off the back of the dewalt 611 to give you about half an inch.Have fun.