Ramp / Plunge

How do I set my project to plunge cut rather than ramp cut

What software are you using?

Pretty sure Easel doesn’t ramp.

I am a novice as I am sure you are aware but I’ve got the bug!!
I am using Easel with Openbuilds Controler

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
What is not working?

When the cut starts it ramps down over about 25mm like driving down a hill instead of going down a step. This means or exanple if the cut is 3mm deep at the start of the cut its only say 2mm and gradually over 25mm in slopes down. I hope this makes sense?

This has only just stated over the weekend

easel doesn’t ramp cut, just straight plunge.
think there have been several feature requests tho’ (hint. hint @inventables !)
something mechanical perhaps?