Ramping and triangular tabs

Working mostly with plywood, the plunging often creates a lot of fixing work at the end of a cut due to splits in the wood that it creates. This is especially the case if there are lots of tabs (with lots of plunging!).

Can we have a feature added to choose triangular tabs that would ramp up and down, as this would reduce the damage and save so much time on the finishing side of a cut.

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A lot of times in my small areas I just fill them and clear the pocket. No tabs to deal with and cleans the areas. Adds time depending on your project.


Thank you for your reply.

That works for hollowing out the middle of objects (and is good to keep in mind for future projects!), but for the outside of an object it does not.

For example, if I cut out a series of small shapes to a specific size. these have to be tabbed otherwise I would have bits flying everywhere. However, the punching through action of creating a tab is often too aggressive, due to the nature of ply and a cut piece not being designed for plunging (thats what drill pieces are for :slight_smile:), it often leaves damage on the underside of the board, which creates more work as I then have to fix the damage as best I can.

I know triangular tabs reduce the damage significantly as I have run several files from a Fusion 360 export. But I would love triangular tabs to be a feature in Easel to improve work flow. Imported fusion files can not be edited within easel, so making small changes is a lengthy process that could be a quick fix if easel had the capability to ramp rather than punch.

Instead of tabs, have you considered the “glue and tape” method? That is, if you are using tabs to hold your pieces in place. Good alternative to tabs.

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tbh I have never considered glue & tape and I would feel uneasy using it, just incase something came loose.

Is this a method you use, and if so how much tape do you apply?.. I assume you would cover the entire work area, so in my case it would be a 800x800 area of tape, how safe would this be?

Thank you for the reply btw, and apologises for the many questions!

It depends on how much you’re cutting out. If you’re cutting out one big piece, you’d only need a couple strips of tape. If it’s a bunch of coasters or something, you’ll need more.
I almost never use clamps when I am cutting through a piece. Works on everything from wood to plastic to aluminum.

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I would love ramp and lead in/out

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The detail level decides. Small part with intricate cuts I’ve taped the whole thing. Larger signs get stripes 2” apart. You can put more tape in detail areas of course if it’s a problem, but I figure tape is cheap, and good wood is expensive…

Thank you for the advice everyone. I will consider the Tap/Glue method. I would still like ramping to be a considered request for a future feature though :slight_smile:

You know you can also change the specifics on the tabs for width and thickness as well. I use glue and tape method a lot, BUT on monograms its just to much tape and glue to use so the tabs are easier. I use a utility knife to cut them flush this prevents the tear out on the back side.


I do yes, but its the plunging action that causes damage to the ply. Ramping (and triangular tabs) would reduce this. Which is why I have put it down as a feature request. Thank you though.