Ramping cuts and sweeping cuts

Is there any way to make Easel either ramp or sweep back and forth down into a cut? I work with aluminum and have noticed that, while it cuts fine, because of the flexible coupler, the acme shaft will rise up a little until it gets a chance to remove the material. I have seen software walk the down ward cut back and fourth a tiny distance to let it dig into the cut, and then begin the cut.

I have tried to lower the cut depth speed, but this seems to make every z axis move equally slow, even when lifting the bit up and it adds a lot of time to my projects.

I could probably put a locking collar on the bit which may help, but it still seems like most software likes ramping/sweeping cuts on metals.

Also, is there a way to make the upward movements faster than downward movements so I can save time moving from spot to spot?

Ditch the felxible coupler and replace it with a rigid one if you cant make it locked with bearing blocks. Big difference when carving hard materials like alu.
Also, with a flexible coupler and deep carves the bit (if being upcut type witch I pressume) may want to dig in. I know from experience :innocent:

Fusion360 does all you want, ramp / slope or lead-in :slight_smile: