RAMPS 1.4 with X-Carve

Alright so the gshield has died again(had to replace a stepper driver before). I have a RAMPS 1.4 and MEGA 2560 on hand already and I needed an excuse to redo wiring and attach my drag-chain with the 3D printed mounts. I just want to know if anybody has done this recently and what the procedure was to get it setup. I’m familiar with the configurations from my 3D printer but want to ensure I’ve turned off all extruders and temperature sensing and utilize E0/E1 for a secondary driver for the y-axis. It appears that Marlin makes it easy now with just a quick switch under advanced configuration but I know that there is likely more to it than that to get this running properly with my X-Carve. Hopefully somebody can help me out by the time I get finished rewiring things so I can get cutting again tonight.

This is possible… sort of.

There are two possibilities Im playing with right now:
1)Use the original driver to hook to the xcarve board. Good for me cause the board is already working. But yours does not work.

2)The dir, step, etc pins on the ramps board need to be connected to a larger stepper driver. These stepper drivers need to be ordered via ebay or amazon. Cause the steppers on the xcarve are 23s and not 17s so without jumping to a bigger driver even the 8825 drivers will fry.

Im actually surprised my original xcarve board has not fried as this wood shop I work out of is dusty as all get out and the board gets dirty. The drivers on the xcarve are also small… like too small to drive 23s. Also surprised that has not failed yet.