Ran into a new issue today

Good Morning everyone, I ran into an issue today and I am hoping I can cover it up. I am making a going away present for a dear friend and neighbor. My initial goal was a large Texas with the words “God Bless” in the middle. The Texas came out fine, however the words did not. It looks like the v-bit made one line going one way and was off coming back, leaving 2 “V” grooves instead of 1. (you can see this in the pics below.)

Now to fix this issue, I was looking at my machine trying to figure out why everything was off and found that every little screw on the Linear Rails on my “Z” were loose. :frowning: So, I have tightened all the little screws and am now thinking I could just carve out the words using a 1/8 and a 1/32 as detail then fill with some black epoxy and get a similar result.

Will this work? Or, will the parts that need the 1/32 bit still be too small to cover up the screwup? Thoughts?

If I need to, I can still resurface the whole project and start over, but if I can save some time…

Thank you, Drew

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