Random Drift


I have a Shapeoko 2 and not had problems in a while until last night…it started to drift on the cuts, luckily i caught it in time to fix… What I noticed is that every time i jog the Z axis manually the X axis drift to the right a little each time. Anyone else had this…and I am using Easel manual jogging.

Things I have done:

  • changed the belt / pulley and tightened
  • changed the wheels around to mitigate flat spots
  • put a new arduino on and flashed it to 1.1f
  • lost my mind

Signal/step interference?
Can you try to make som e distance between the two cables? (X and Z)

unfortunately i am limited on distance with the arduino…and there has never been issues with that distance until now…

Figured it out…my router was acting up, reving up and down and figured I would just replace it after I fixed this issue. Well after hours saturday and a few today I discovered that when I had my router turned off the Z axis wouldnt lose its mind and the X axis would stay true. Turn back on and they all lost their ****. Returned the router, got a new one and all is well back on the CNC…So, it was basically electrical interference from one cord to the cnc motor wires…ugh.