Random gcode mishaps in Easel

It did it again (#4). The first move it makes is a drill hole in the y.

Come On Easel, work with me.

I even started from scratch and redesigned.

Have you done a mechanical checkup recently?

I was wondering if you might be getting hung up somewere and loosing steps. Maybe your dust collecton or the the hose is dragging.

In the image I posted this morning you can see the travel to the letter Y, then a drill, then moves to the top and starts carving.

@RussHoagland I think I see what you’re talking about. The .25" bit does a quick plunge in the corner of the ‘y’?
Can you export the actual gcode through the machine inspector and post it here?

Exactly. tell me how to export the gcode from machine inspector and I gladly will.

Machine -->Advanced–>Generate Gcode–>Export

You’ll have two files

Untitled_roughing.nc (464.3 KB)

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I closed it out and simulated agiain. this time it does not go to the “Y” first. Any ideas why?

No idea…looks like you changed the depth of cut?
Yup…changed it back to a 0.100" and it does the roughing plunge to 0.100" in that corner of the ‘y’ before it goes on to rough the rest. This was not consistently repeatable, though.
I’d recommend sending both versions to support.

I’d try to replicate the design in Inkscape, and import it. I wonder if there’s an issue with the text.

For anyone still following…
This is the 0.25" roughing plunge that @RussHoagland is referring to.

A 1/4" bit should not be going to full depth in that spot.

I had the same exact thing happen yesterday. When I examined the Gcode I discovered a path and plunge that shouldn’t be there. There was NO visible reason to be there. I recreated the design from scratch and haven’t had the problem again. I learned the hard way to examine the simulated carve preview carefully.

Same exact thing happened to me 2 days ago.

@PaulRinguette Your plunges were going deeper than the max depth. No good, but possibly a different bug.

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I moved on to remake it in Vcarve. Totally new to that software but it came out fine. No clue why easel was placing that plunge there but it was extremely frustrating.

They’re working on it. Wasn’t just you.

According to this thread a fix has been made.

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@Ruwan was the fix for this pushed out?

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@Zach_Kaplan, I tested the project now. I don’t see reported plunges now. So the fix we deployed today, must have fixed this as well.

@RussHoagland, could you please confirm?

Thank you