Random X Axis Sticking

Was cutting and running perfectly in December. I got busy and haven’t used the machine in 6 months. When I powered it up again the x axis is sticking quite a bit. It will make very small movements but anything over half an inch it sticks. Y axis is great, z axis great also. Just random issues with this one. I did upgrade to the newest versions and re-calibrated. It worked alright during the re calibration. But when I move it around in Easel it sticks. Step motor gets rather hot. Any help is appreciated!

Just a general guide as to what is hot and what is ****hot:
Most steppers can take 80degC / 175degF daily. If you can hold onto the motor case for more than 3seconds you are not really overheating them. You are approaching their limitation but not over it.

Regarding your sticking axis, go over every aspect of it, clean it and wipe it free of dust and all. Also check your pulley / set screws not slipping.

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Thanks. I can hold my hand on it for 3-5 seconds. It is uncomfortable like holding a freshly made cup of coffee. Checked the wires. All are well there.

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Thanks for the response. The stepper is about as hot as fresh cup of coffee. I can hold for 3-5 seconds uncomfortably. Everything was operating and functioning well. This is just random. Out of the blue. I tried cleaning everything well, checked the belt tension, and the wheels as well. It is tricky getting to the pulley screw. I tried to turn the screw and it wouldn’t budge either direction.

Just checked those. I can slide them with a slight push of a single finger. Let me try and adjust those. Thanks

Yes. Only while carving. When sitting the temp is normal.

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I am still working on it. With the machine on, but not cutting, just holding a position. The steppers on the y axis are cool however, the x is significantly hotter. Just at rest. Do you guys think need to replace that stepper motor?

I purchased this machine assembled and already adjusted and tuned about a year ago. The potentiometers were already set and I have been cutting all kinds of projects since I have had the machine. Never any issues at all. Everything was working great. Until now. Very random. Do they need to be re-calibrated? What would cause that?