Randomly crashes into axis

I’m having an issue where my XCP Randomly loses its programming and crashes into an axis during a cut. It happens on both the X and Y axis. Not a gcode issue as it happens at different points.

Hi Tracy, do you have more details on this issue? When you say it “crashes into an axis”, what do you mean? Are you saying it will be cutting and then suddenly change directions and cut a straight line until it crashes at the end of the axis travel?

That is exactly what happens

That’s very frustrating. I don’t know how to solve it, but I’ll be watching this thread for the solution.

Get a hold of support. They will give you an updated firmware file and the proper GRML settings. Especially $1=0 needs to be changed to $1=255.

Make sure Easel Driver is up to date.

@TracyFord, I’m the Director of Marketing from Inventables! Sorry to hear about your issue. Please reach out to help@inventables.com and a member of our Customer Success team will help you!

Have you checked your limit switches to see if they are working correctly? I think if you look in Machine->General Settings->Machine Inspector
You can go around your xcp and press the limit switches and make sure they are all functioning?

It was a firmware issue.

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