Rapid is too fast

How do I slow the rapid down? I tried searching the forum, but couldn’t find any XCP related topics on the matter.

My last project ended in disaster. Z plunged right into the table. The gcode looked fine. I don’t know if it was rapid related or if it was the $1=0 that caused it. I have it set to $1=255 now.

I would like to just slow the entire machine down to safe levels, but I don’t know the codes or the best settings. The default settings on most things are more than the machine can handle.

I’m guessing it had nothing to do with rapid.

The Z rapid is controlled via $112
The acceleration is controlled via $122

Here’s a good reference for understanding ALL of the machine’s Grbl Settings.

I installed a new 20 amp breaker and only the CNC runs on it. It’s like the machine is wired directly to the main panel with nothing else on the circuit. Should I still run a filtered UPS?

That’s way better. I decreased the rapid on XYZ by 50% and went with about a 25% decrease on the acceleration for XYZ. The machine feels less jerky now. I’ll carve something out tomorrow and see how it goes. Thank you!

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What filtered UPS are you using?

Yes, I would. The separate breaker is nice, but you will still get feedback noise on the line. I plug the router directly into an outlet and then plug the controller into the UPS.

There’s 2 plugs on your xcarve pro? Hmm :thinking:

And depending on the filter method you might be turning a dive wave into a stepped square wave… :man_shrugging:

APC RS 800, but I’m sure any filtered UPS will be fine. I had this one left over from a computer station no longer used. Basically inside the controller is an unprotected micro computer. Any electrical noise will disturb the program.

Correct - nothing to do with rapid. I was going slow and small cut trying to level the bed to the router, no hurry. I cut a variety of materials and adjust the speed depending on the material and bit size.

Additionally, keep the USB cable away from any power cords and use a good cable.

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