Raspberry pi running easel x carve driver

so give it to me simple… I have did some searches on here but over my head…… I have my raspberry pi running easel and it works great but it wont connect too my x carve says install driver I install lynix driver and it does not work…I don’t want to do anything fancy just work on easel on my home computer in the house then go into workshop call up easel on the raspberry pi pick carve. I have internet axcess in garage. I guess all I need is a driver for the pi to see the xcarve. I called xcarve and they suggested running another opp system on the pi other than rasp

Maybe you should run CNCjs instead as your sender.

I am wanting to use easel so everything i work on is already there without having to do anything extra.

I actually run a Pi as my controller.

I design on Easel then download the Gcode on to a thumb drive. Plug it into the Pi and use bCNC to run my code. It is much more reliable than trying to do it over wifi. Someone has gotten a driver to work but I don’t remember who it was.

I know you don’t want to do anything extra, however doing it this way will give you a better experience.

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what you need is to follow the directions listed in this post. Easel Local for Linux? it will download and compile the easel local as needed.

What you have is a system which has an ARM64 CPU and you are only given the choices of AMD64 X86 and PPC (MAC windows Linux) although the pi uses a LInux file system all programs for it must be compiled for the ARM architecture.

It is really easy to do and a lot of it is automatic so you should not have many problems to get it done. and when you are done it should be a very solid system. been using mine for several years now.