Raster cutting in Easel Pro

Is it possible to raster cut in Easel Pro? I am interested in carving foam for cases. The forum has a lot info on how to accomplish this with a pro look, and one note from a member mentioned raster cutting was a must to get clean edges on cut foam. I have gone back to learning Fusion 360 in order to cut foam! What a pain in the ■■■… but I do love my x carve! Getting ready to modify and raise the x axis… need to be able to cut thicker foam… Thanks to everyone that has offed great solutions and priceless information in the past and thank you to those that will be helpful in the future. This forum is fantastic.

I believe the only upside to Easel Pro is V carving and extra fonts.
In Easel there are no options for the tool paths.
I would expect that F360 would have the option to raster or offset.

Yes, Fusion offer raster.
Easel / Easel Pro do not.

V Carve has this ability as well.

Someone from Inventables called me a while ago to discuss Raster in Easel. Sounded like they were working on it and were trying to figure out how to offer its use and when to show in previews and such.


I just received an email from Inventables announcing this feature.
So what’s the justification for calling this a Pro feature? With V-Carve they said it wasn’t really a quality issue (INCORRECT) it was just a time optimization for pro users trying to make them in quantity. So what does this new feature do for pros that the people who bought their X-Carve for hobby use don’t care about?


Hi @JonUdell! Just want to be sure you saw our post announcing raster tool paths in Easel Pro!