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Raw gcode and execution control, and settings

  1. I’d like to automate the control of the triquetra cnc homing device.
    is there an api to push raw gcode to easel, and execute that gcode?
    I imagine the gcode is validated to some extent based on the homing function / safety protocol of grbl.
    Without such a feature, I would be unable to do such an extension.

  2. what’s the recommendation for saving settings? I’d like to be able to store a list of bits, so that I can recall the dimensions later to feed my program. I’m sure I could just use webstorage, but I wasn’t sure if there was a location to save data associated with a project or with a profile

@PhilJohnson, do you mean the only way for a user to send code is through import and machine inspector?

I’m aware that I’d have to use UGS if there’s no API to accomplish what machine inspector can, but I’m hoping for the API so I can have a whole different category of plugins to automate things for myself.

Having the values from machine inspector available to the API as well would be great.

Thanks for including the ‘non-mean’ tone of voice disclaimer. I know your posts well enough now to know you’re just being constructive.

If I understand you correctly, homing is process where the limit switches aide the machine in identification of the global world coordinates along it’s rails, and establish a reference of (0,0,0)
Z-0 is at the top of the travel, Y-0 is the bottom of the rail, X-0 is the left of it’s rail.

I think I might be confused with the difference between using the triquetra for zeroing, and the workpiece.

My understanding of zeroing (I’m referring to using the triquetra to establish a workpiece zero) establishes an offset from the global home in the +x, +y, -z vector.
This is intended to be the X-left, Y-bottom, and Z-top edge of the triquetra, with relation to the XY-center and z-bottom of the bit.

Still new at this. I’m sure when I get my machine this week and have some hands on with it, something will cement in my head.

you may be, but you’re our a$$hole.

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I sure hope so. I haven’t been this excited since probably my sons were born.

Appreciate the advice. Maybe my first carve should be a sign “Have Patience”.

Getting the new release. Hopefully there will be less fighting and more carving.

I do appreciate all the pain the rest of you went through and documenting the process of improving it. It’s benefiting me in ways I won’t really comprehend firsthand, but please realize that I’m completely aware I’m standing on the shoulders of giants who have come before.

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