Re- calibrating

I am trying to re-calibrate the X axis after installing the 1605 leadscrew, when I alter the settings in GRBL I get a grinding noise from the motor and it moves very slowly, I had this once before but can’t seem to find the answer

  • Reduce $110 to 1000 and try again
  • If it now move atleast, re-calibrate the step/mm value for $100
  • When new correct $100 value have been established start raising $110 value untill it start to stall out again, derate value to 80% and you are set. You can also do the same with $120 value, acceleration.

Default $110 value is 8000 which is way too fast for a 1605 screw, causing it to stall (grinding noise most likely) due to insufficient torque. (Torque drop at speed)

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Thank’s Haldor,