Re flashing the arduino

The tension was at about 5 lb when it broke,have now adjusted to roberta riekes recomdations round 3,5 lb.
But must get to flash the bios first before i can try it out.
I am reinstalling windows10 now since i think there where some fu… up’s in the registry in the last instal.
Will give the arduino ide a new try then.
This has been a weekend with little outcome,started friday with something I thought would be a easy and quick fix,now it is sunday morning and I’m still at the same stage :thinking: Hmmm crossing my fingers for a good outcome today :wink: Thank you all so far for your excellent help and guidance on this :+1:t2::grinning:

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A little happy update :boom::smile:
Reinstalled windows and all my apps,guess what?
The arduino flashed like a dream and my x carve runs like a dream,kind of feels like I’m in a dream :hugs::zzz: fantastic.
But a big but,the laser is not up and running yet.
Must find a way to go about this,guess it must be like Jeff is doing it,load the firmware for laser when i want to do laser projects.
And re flash with the carving firmware when i want that,not ideal but better than nothing.
Big hopes for the firmware Jay is working on,it might resolve this issue,crossing my fingers :nerd_face:
Guess i will try to hook up the laser again in the coming week,a little nervous I will break a belt again :flushed: