Re Flashing Uno

Im not sure if anyone else is having this problem. But every few days I have to re flash the uno. It will run fine for days. Then it starts exaggerating cuts in the x axis. Its like it is stretching the image. After re-flash it works again for a few days. Any ideas on what causes this?

Wow. That’s super bizarre. You sure you aren’t changing the steps/mm settings?

Nope. Haven’t changed anything. It was fine last night, come out this morning and try to rerun something I have already done and it went squirrely…

Is the X axis movement elongated or shrunk? Is it proportionally scaled or are some parts to scale and some are stretched? Does it follow the same path every time it does a pass?


That is truly strange. I would just get a replacement Arduino and see if that fixes it. They’re not that expensive. I would get a “real” one though, I have found issues with the clones that I’ve tested.

It is elongating. And on each path it gets offset a little more. I have a Uno R2 . Going to flash it and see if it works better.

Could you copy and paste your G Code into a private message to me? I’d like to see what Chilipeppr’s virtual preview of the toolpaths looks like.

Im importing a svg into Easel and generating the paths there.

I have experienced this issue only once in my life with a cheap arduino clone. Which arduino do you have? Is the Uno smd by arduino slr? Get the one from the real :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the Uno that came with the kit from inventables. Its the SMD edition.