RE: setting up machine with X-controller & arduino drivers

We have previously set up an Xcarve using a gShield controller,
no issues installing arduino drivers, machine working and carving fine.

We are now trying to do a new machine setup on a new X-carve with X-controller.
However, we cannot load the Arduino drivers so the the computer recognizes the device.

We are running a PC with Windows 7, using easel on chrome, but
device manager does not recognize it as an Arduino on any of the COMs.

Driver details:

When the X-Controller is initially plugged into the computer (after the arduino IDE had been installed)
Windows would install the X-Controller as a “USB serial converter”.
There was no Arduino listed in the device manager.
The manufacturer was only listed as FTDI.

If we uninstall that driver, stop windows from installing drivers when the X-controller gets plugged in,
and tell windows to specifically use the arduino.inf file located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\drivers,
we are able at this point to install the X-Controller as an Arduino Uno

This looks like the old Arduino Uno and gshield except under device status it says “The device cannot start. (Code 10)”

We’ve got to the point now that we’ve run out of ways to attempt to install the Arduino properly.
We’re also not entirely sure which model Arduino is inside the X-Controller
and how it should be appearing in Device Manager.

This is correct name and function that should appear.
Did you install the Easel software?

I had a time at first with this . Even though u download the plugin. U have to manually turn it on the first time. Forgive if I’m confusing u. I had to google it. And others maybe able to explain it better. Spent hours trying to do it

It has to do with usb drive

And make sure xcontroller is plugged in

Calling it an Arduino clone is a stretch. It’s a custom electronics board that runs GRBL :slight_smile:
It may have the share the same CPU and similar USB Serial Interface, however it’s not really an Arduino; your not going to program it to blink an LED or attach a prototyping shield too it.

However you can program it (E.G. Upload new GRBL firmware) via similar tools such as using the Arduino IDE.
So both wrong and right?
Fortunately It doesn’t really matter as long @TedHubbard can get it working.

Reset all the X-controller DIP switches to default values and started driver installs from the begining,
all good. Carving.

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