Ready for metals and plastic

Hey everyone! So I’ve had an xcarve for over a year now and I’ve only worked with wood this entire year! Honestly it’s been consistent and great! But in my time I’ve tried making outdoor signs and with wood… well the elements kill it… so I want to venture into plastics and metals to give clients more options for outdoors. Now I know I’ve said I’ve had it for over a year… but when it comes to metals or plastics… I’m a complete newbie. So here I am reaching out to you guys for help. Point me in the right direction . Tell me what I need to get my xcarve going into metals and plastics… bits?.. material? Where do I get it? Speeds and feeds? I’m nervous about it but anxious to go. So anything and everything u can tell me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks xcarvers!

Look at Steve’s Projects. He has done some amazing projects with PVC. Here is one of my outdoor signs that I did for a customer.

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Like Phillip says PVC is an easy way to go for outdoor signs.
Of coarse quality exterior paint is required as well.