Ready to buy, but need some info

New to CNC
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Interested in making this. Can X-carve do this and what programs would I need?
Thanks for all the info.

Sure. Inkscape is a free drawing program that would allow you to design this easily, as long as you can find a similar font.

You don’t even need a font — just write it out on a graphics tablet using a pressure-aware drawing program (tweak the design as necessary), then cut it out as a profile.

List of suitable programs here:

You may have an issue with the sharp inside corners since you are using a rotating bit. you will only be abre to go down to the radius of whatever you have chucked up ie; 1/8" bit = 1/32"

This can be mitigated a little with a v-bit but then all of your inside and outside vertical faces will have a slope to them — 60.dgree bit will leave a 30 deg slope, 90 = 45 etc. Tjis might leave a rather interesting effect though :grinning:

Hi @DentonAshcraft thanks for your interest. X-Carve is capable of making a project like that. A graphic like that can be made using a 2D vector editor like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, or Corel Draw. You can either draw it, use one of the fonts provided in the program, or buy a special font and use that. When you are done with the design your next step would be to export it in SVG format.

The next step would be to open up Easel our free 3D Carving software. You go to the file menu and select “import SVG”. You can then position it where you want it, select your material, and click carve.