Ready to just throw this darn thing in the TRASH

Hey friend take it from someone with a bad temper it will get better just use lock tight and get some heat shrink tape when i got mine i was ready to sell i was in contact with inventables everyday i finally got everything rite and im runnin so friend hang in there it gets sooo much better i am makin stuff that used to ■■■■ me off it is easy once you get thru the learnin curves oh get yourself a sheet of MDF and go to town when something happens its just a learning piece of wood well friend i have walked your shoes you can get in touch with me if you have any ?s

Just so everyone here knows. I did get it running after a lot of trial and errors and talking to Inventables a couple of times. I started using ugs at first to get things moving then I switched to chili Peppr which is a really nice program. Yes the spelling is correct. Thank you every one for all your help keeping my head on my shoulders and plugging along till it fell into place. There was some bad code in my arduino that Inventables found and corrected for me.What great support from them and all of you. I can see inventables going places with such great machines and support. Thanks again.