Ready to the lever!

Okay, I think I’ve got enough money saved up for my X carve. I spoke with a friend of mine who has previously owned a CNC machine, he suggested maybe the 750 would be stronger on the X and Y than the 1000. He stated his machine was rather weak in those areas. His machine was the original X carve.
I think I would rather have the 1000 mainly because of the workspace. So my question is, with the new X carve design, how much sturdier did they actually make the machine. My main materials I will be using are oak, maple, and of course soft pine. I know the machine can handle the pine but how about the oak, maple and other hardwoods? Any response would be greatly appreciated for I am ready and anxious to pull the trigger. Thanks and God bless.

I just purchased the new X Carve 1000mm. I’m extremely pleased with what appears to be a very sturdy machine. I did however order a bunch of upgrades to install as I’m going through the build cycle. I’m am following @PhilJohnson’s use of an aluminum plate instead of the Inventables waste board. I also purchased a suck it dust boot, and a linear z axis and stepper motor.

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Have you hooked up your linear slide and dust boot yet? I have a linear rail and I am interested in the Suckit shoe but I have concerns about the fit.

No I haven’t gotten that far in the build process yet. Thanks to all the frame mods and some other things, I haven’t made it to that step yet. I am learning some valuable lessons as I go along. But I am deliberately taking it slow.

It’s a lot better. For reasons you’ve mentioned, I think the 1000 is the way to go. There are around 12 improvements in general. Check out some of them here;