Real bad results on latest carve

What do you guys think is cause of this? I have leveled my waste board so it’s pretty close to level. Have tweaked v wheels, checked square on my machine. Is this from losing steps? Haven’t had this bad of results in quite awhile.

Was this a 2 stage carve?

This looks like three passes which may have been too aggressive. Run a finishing pass with the v bit at about .002 deeper. It should clean up most of this

Was your stepover 1%?

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V-carve with a .125 90 degree vbit.

Depth of .25 , used a .125 downward spiral bit for roughing.

The rough pass was probably pretty aggressive because I am unsure how to adjust the amount of passes for roughing

It was probably around 40in/min and 40% step over

Set set over to 1%. Inventables said that is now default. Check it. Do a final pass with your bit. Set the depth additional .003”. Set your depth of cut the same depth. This will give one pass at the final depth and should cleanup thing nicely

Are you setting z zero with a probe or other method? Is your bit a true point or does it have a flat spot?

I spent a couple hours the other day assuming I had loose parts, step over issues, and all the usual suspects but eventually realized my dust boot clearance was just a bit too low and rubbing on clamps causing some slop. If you are using one, that could be contributing. Best of luck fixing things !

This actually may be a lot of the problem. I get really good results on shallow carves and seems like the deeper I go the worse results i get.

I have a KentCNC dust shoe , so that’s 2" skirt and when using smaller bits that is a lot of pressure pushing up on the z axis.

I will try a carve with no dust shoe and see how it goes.

I use the KentCNC dust shoe as well, you really want the dustshoe set at a height so at the deepest cut it is just gliding over the workpiece.

do you have the 2" skirt as well? I have the dust shoe all the way up against the dewalt carriage and when using a .125 bit the skirt is still like 1 inch longer than the end of the bit.

Not sure how i could adjust this shoe up any higher.

I have the 2" skirt as well. I have the Dewalt as low as it can go and have no issues…I’ll get a picture of it shortly.

Here is how low the Dewalt sits in the mount:

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gotcha! ill try and lower my router a ways and see how it goes!

Thanks for the info!

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