Real time position readout

I would love to see a window with machine home position and XYZ zero position. That would make so much easier to confirm that the cutting will start where it should.
I like the way UGCS displays it, once homed it shows machine as XYZ as zero, then moving it to where the work zero will be and setting it shows how far it is from ‘home’.
Now one can see where the tool is every step of the way.
This, IMHO, would be a fantastic feature to an already good program.


I agree. This is a feature that I would also like to see


I agree! great software and great machine. I have a lot of operator errors, so it would nice to have the position

I’ve just switched to cncjs which does have a DRO for position, and a button to go to 0,0 (careful it also goes to 0 in Z!!!

Easel display DRO for machine/work coordinates when Machine Inspector window is open.
(But I do find Easel UI lacking in general)

I found the easel software nice for designing. Not so good at machining.
I retired from CNC programming and setup using G code.
So I export what Easel creates with their conversational code writer and edit it to edit out problems.
There is a very good G code editor that is full of features but is not cheap. Google GCode editor to find it.
I edit mine in Text Edit (Mac) and UGS platform.
I use the platform to control the machine. This has saved me many, many endmills and crashes.
No machinist ever moves the z before arriving at x and y position.
This is something I cannot get through to Inventables.

is Machine Inspector a Pro upgrade. I do not seem to be able to find it.
Thank you!

Up at the top where it says Machine.

Keyboard shortcut:

Under the machine menu (not sure why it is not a top level menu choice under machine, but it’s a button inside that dialog under the “advanced” button at the bottom: