Really ! replacing parts

BELTS have had my xcarve 1000 up and running for eighty eight days have carved maybe 25 items and today two belts broke right in the middle of the belt is replacing belts this often that common?

I have had my machine almost a year now, run it a few times a week and still run it with the original belts.

I must have just gotten a badly manufactured belt but two belts at the same time ?

Maybe you have them too tight, or they are rubbing somewhere. They shouldn’t break so soon.

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I check them before each cut to make sure they have not loosen and have not had to adjust them I guess it is just one of those things that go wrong.

The only thing I did do about a week ago was I cleaned the machine and used kroil (WD-40) on the moving parts.

I would expect this to collect dust worse than just dusting them off.

I’d put my money there

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2+ years and still on original belts

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Also, check your pulley alignments.

3+ years here on original belts.
WD 40 may degrade belt material.

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WD40 is petrolium and vil dissolve rubber and plastic

The only thing you cant or shouldnt use wd 40 on is polycarbonate and clear polystrene plastic. It has no effect on rubber or metal.

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I have had mine since 2017 and I have used wd40 and White lithium grease and I haven’t had any problems from the belts. There has to be something that was not adjusted right or locked up. Unless it was just a bad run on belts at the manufacturer. Definitely strange.

It had to be the belts because prior to replacing the two that had broken I closely inspected the third belt and discovered the nylon cords were exposed on the side of the belt so I replaced them all.

Kroil is not WD 40, Kroil is made to transform rust on a molecular level it may change the rubber on a molecular level as well making it weak or brittle. I use Kroil it’s GREAT stuff for loosening gummed up or rusted parts. Not made for plastic or rubber.

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I’ve Had my machine for over two years never a problem with the belts I make sure I clean them off after every use I keep a can of compressed air right by the machine so I can blow them off as I do with all the gears.

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