Reassemble after moving country

I moved to Europe a year ago, and today i went to reassemble my xcarve i have one GND wire from the hall affect sensor breakout board from kevin patterson, and i don’t know where it goes.

I believe its a ground wire, i have an old xcarve the writing is rubbed off the power supply

can anybody help,

also i want to buy more sensors from Kevin but i think hes stopped doing it, does anybody know where i can get more sensors from?

I can not say 100% since I have never dealt with that product, but GND’s should be tied to the GND of the power supply/Arduino. In the case of the Arduino & GRBL Shield, their GND’s are common the the DC GND of the power supply, so unless there is something very strange going on then I would suspect that the GND from the breakout sensor board would also be tied to the common DC GND for the Arduino, GRBL Shield, and Power Supply. If the Vcc of the breakout board comes from Arduino 5V then the GND definitely needs to be connected where I have mentioned.


Brandon Parker