Reassembling the machine


I’ve used the machine for some month now, but is time for upgrade.

I have made the V-Wheels mod, Pulley grain replaced with screw, X and Z Axis mod etc.

Now I want to add Y axis bracets, and reinforce the X axis with 2 steel plate. But I have noticed disassembling the machine that it was not square! I really don’t know how I could get very good results with the machine so un-squared!

However at this point I don’t have a reliable method to square the machine. I guess I have to square the wastebord? Any tips or advice?


I used the old school “ruler diagonal across the frame” method. Using a tape marked in millimeters I was able to get very precise measurements, then I just anchored X0\Y0 and then kept measuring and adjusting until both diagonal measurements were exactly the same and then secured it.

I don’t have a wasteboard, my frame is anchored directly to the torsion box table, but it should work with the default Inventables wasteboard as well…

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When I recently reassembled, I took my x axis assemble (two rails and steel plate) to the chop saw (if you have a chop saw and I do not assume everyone has a chop saw and I hope you are not offended but last time I mentioned a chop saw someone lost their freaking mind)… First I carefully squared the chop saw. Then, I just shave barely a hair off each end to ensure the ends are square. That REALLY helped me. FWIW. After assembly, I really did not have to shim or change anything else.


Do you mean something like this? (just found it)

Have you noticed that your wasteboard assembling piece was not cutted at the same lenght before?

You lost me. When your two rails are bolted together with a steel plate in the middle, it is almost inevitable that the ends of that assembly will not be perfectly square. So, we’re just shaving them square. I did not change the dimensions of any other pieces of the machine.

Yep, that’s the ticket…

That’s ok for you, but I noticed that 2 pieces don’t have the same lenght by a few mm

I’ll try tomorrow.

Have you any experience on swap current V-Wheels with Openbuilds Extreme solid policarbonate one?

Yeah, i saw that drama about the chop saw. I used a cut off sled on my table saw (and an aluminum stiffener) and have been pleased with the results. Different, but you’re right about the squaring cut being vital.

Heck, if you have to, clamp the completed beam to your bench and use a shooting board with a metal file, but square that sucker up.

I have re-assembled the waste board today and I can say that now is square. To be as honest as I can I could have a “tollerance” of less than 1mm. Even diagonal check was ok.

Now, anyone know the measurement to cut 6 bracet for the Y axis stiffening?


Yep, found them, but since my machine is still disassembled in some parts, I need a frined to cut me those piece and he cannot work with Easel, so I need a sort of cad or a technical drawing

Yep, for general dimension, but hole position is hard to find

You should be able to use the dimensions for the end plates to get the hole spacing. Here is the link to CAD files for those -



I made a metric CAD file if anyone will need it