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Rebuild the machine?

Anyone rebuilt their machine with something opensource?
It surely should be possible to make it more usable with something GRBL alternative?

The Carvey runs on an open source fork of Grbl.

hmm. ok.
Last time I used it I really struggled with it. and the smart clamp where just a hinder. but perhaps I could use it directly with more success and not having the gcode generated through easel. I’m using fusion 360 to draw. any suggestions on what to do with carvey? upgrade something? auto leveling? someone tried anything that gets the machine more usable?

Sent PM

Also interested in finding an an alternative tool chain for Carvey. I’m cool with using Fusion360 for CAM but am unsure of how to handle the smart clamp calibration process. Any tips would be appreciated!

Would love to check out your PM’d advice @NeilFerreri1

I too, am also interested in finding an an alternative tool chain for Carvey and possibility of upgrade paths. Any suggestions on where to start looking?

Ditto! @NeilFerreri1
I bought my Carvey 18 months ago - hated the “built-in” limitations of the Gcarvin firmware and started trying to decipher and edit it…
I also tried to get assistance thru support- but they were unwilling to work with me at all…
SO convoluted I gave up on it, Carvey has been on the shelf collecting dust ever since.

I bought another grbl mainboard and have been building my own machine. Had even thought of using the carvey and installing the new board and bypassing all the gcarvin mess…

Just seems a shame to chuck a perfectly good drive board when it is a simple matter of editing the firmware…

I truly wish the folks at inventables would have seen the opportunity to give the “non-classroom” customers what they need to make their machine usable… they might have been much more successful in sales…